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    Most of us understand the word "Robot." At least with this age, children determine what a robotic is. Not just that, toys of today’s children are also a robot. A robot can be a mechanical system, that is a synthetic function. The phrase robot came from the Czech word "Robota" meaning "forced labor". This machine is using people as a complementary one.

    The actual real question is, exactly what is the relation of the robot with Arduino? Did the issue arise?

    Arduino is really a computer programs and hardware company or community that designs and manufactures microcontroller and microcontroller kits for robots and also other digital devices.

    The name "Arduino" originated the a bar of Ivrea, Italy, where a number of the founders with this project employed to meet. Nowadays this it does not take absolute favorites tool of modern roboticists. Before beginning by having an Arduino microcontroller, you should have in mind the variety of the Arduinos. Some basic level Arduinos are:













    These Arduinos are simple to use capable to power one’s first robot. These boards work best to start learning and to code your bots over the microcontrollers.

    We were holding regarding the hardware. Now let’s visit the Arduino software. Each one of these boards is programmable using the Arduino IDE. This can be a cross-platform application designed in the programming language, Java. C and C++ will also be supported with this IDE with special rules. An application written in Arduino IDE is called a sketch. These sketches are saved as the text files using the file extensions .ino and .pde. A small Arduino sketch contains two functions. These are: setup(), loop().

    Now I noticed you about the most fascinating Arduino, which is Arduino ROBOT.

    Arduino ROBOT is the first Arduino on wheels. It includes two boards and every from the boards includes a microcontroller. That means in ROBOT, there’s a total of two microcontrollers. One too is the motor board, which controls the motors and yet another an example may be the control board, which controls the sensors and decides the operations. Additionally it is programmable with Arduino IDE. The two microcontroller boards depend on ATmega32u4 which is a low-power CMOS 8-bit microcontroller using the AVR enhanced RISC architecture. The ROBOT is similar to the LEONARDO.

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