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    You may have heard a lot about noise cancelling headphones already. But do you know what the purpose of these headphones is? And if you are planning to buy them, do you know what you should be looking for and which one is the best? Well, we’ll help you decide and give you a basic idea of some of the best available.

    The first thing that you need to understand is what are noise cancelling headphones? Noise cancelling headphones are devices designed on a special technology which makes it possible for you to turn out voices and noises that are unnecessary from your headset speakers. You do not need to do anything and the headphones do it all.

    Noise cancellation is very beneficial. The headphones will enable you to enjoy increased quality in your listening experience. You will be able to clearly hear all the intricacies of a composition without having to turn up the volume of your musical device. The headphones involve a technology that allows you to diffuse surrounding noises and also block what you don’t want to hear in a song. So, you are entitled to so many benefits by just purchasing the best noise cancelling headphones.

    Some of the best noise cancelling headphones include:


    click here is capable of reducing up to 90% of surrounding sound. They are extremely comfortable and have a foldable structure that will let you store them conveniently. These headphones also have a TalkThrough function which lets you communicate with people sitting next to you without removing the headphones. They are capable of reproducing extremely clear sound.

    2. Bose QuietComfort 3

    Bose offers two popular models. Thus, it is very difficult to decide which one is the best. QuietComfort 3 comes with passive noise cancellation. Passive noise cancellation allows you to block surrounding noise by covering your ears using headphones or in-earphones that plug into your ear canal. The headphones also boast of active noise cancellation. A tiny microphone is attached with the headphone that senses outside noise before it can enter your ear. The captured signal is inverted by the noise cancellation circuitry and feeds it whatever you are listening to and thus cancelling most of the outside noise. You can also use the headphones while sitting at home to get a great and clear musical experience. Customers have been really satisfied with the product and recommend it a lot. They believe that every penny spent on it is worth the value.

    3. Sony MDR-NC60

    These headphones have a microphone inside on each earpiece that function with an electronic circuitry which creates an opposite sound wave to reduce wave. Surrounding noise is reduced by synthesizing with a sound in opposite phase produced by the noise cancelling circuit. They are slim and the folding design allows you to place them in the carrying case and take them around wherever you want to. It can block out loud noises of buses, trains, planes, dorms or even at work. You also have an option to listen to music with or without noise cancellation. This is a very important feature because sometimes on the roads, you want to hear car horns in order to be safe. Also, a built in monitor switch makes it easy for you to mute music and listen to surrounding sounds.

    4. JVC HA-NC250

    They can be called as one of the best noise cancelling headphones but not for their price. These headphones come with leatherette ear cups which make them extremely comfortable. They are not circular but oblong. They can easily fit and adjust with your ear’s shape and thus, there won’t be much pressure and chances of sweating on the ears. The arms of the headset can be adjusted and the cups swivel backward and forward. They tune out high frequency sounds and give you a clean and open sound. When you purchase the headphones, you also get a nice carrying case, a removable cable and an airplane adapter. They are worth every penny you spend.

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