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    Granite is one of the hardest natural stones upon earth. Commonly installed in homes as kitchen or bathroom countertops, granite is a durable material that can withstand years of usual wear and tear. Professionally unassailable and properly maintained, countertops can tote up and

    countertop fabrication Atlanta addition the value of your property and present you many years of practical use and enjoyment.

    Preventive Maintenance

    To keep your countertops looking later than new, avoid vibes glasses or cups directly on them. Use coasters to prevent stains. Remember, heat can as well as stain granite, hence reach not place warm pans and pots directly on them.

    Quickly handle any spills, but avoid understandably wiping them off; instead, dab them in the same way as a ascetic towel to prevent the spill from spreading to a greater area. Avoid mood citrus fruits or any alcohol products on granite. The chemical response with pointed and the calcite in the granite can cause the surface to anemic or etch.

    If your countertops see subsequently they could use a fine cleaning, do not use regular household cleaners. Most household cleaners have high pH solutions (like ammonia-based window cleaners) or are suitably too abrasive which anemic or broken the surface of your granite countertops. choose a product that has a neutral pH level.

    Cleaning your Granite Countertops

    Most granite countertops are passably strong before they are installed in homes. Professional installers usually recommend resealing granite countertops all three years. To urge on granite save its lovely shine, however, it is critical to polish it regularly. This is easily done.

    Start out by cleaning the countertop thoroughly; this includes removing any stains. remember not to use abrasive cleaners or cleaners in the manner of a high pH level. permit the surface to ascetic thoroughly. Then, apply a fine feel granite polish evenly upon the entire surface. Use a clean cloth to buff the surface, and you’re done! Repeat as often as needed or as recommended upon the label of the granite polish. Using a microfiber cloth (or a cloth diaper) is suggested as there is less fortuitous of excess fibers being left on the counter.

    Installing a countertop in your home is an investment in your property, as it enhances any room and complements an infinite variety of dcor. It is next a costly investment. By making

    countertop installation Atlanta is properly sealed and by visceral careful of spills and stains, a simple buff and polish should put up to keep your granite countertop (and your investment) protected and looking fine as new.

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